Jeanne Matthews

            Dinah Pelerin wasn't used to waking up happy and it scared the daylights out of her.  


            She has finally put her life in order.  Living in Berlin with her boyfriend Thor, she has landed a job teaching Native American cultures at the university.  She’s never felt happier.  And then her Seminole mother Swan shows up with a crazy scheme to blackmail a German tax dodger and dredges up a secret Dinah has kept hidden from the IRS and from straight-arrow Thor.

            Germans harbor a century-long fascination with the American Wild West and American Indians.  Some enthusiasts dress up as Indians and adopt Indian names.  Der Indianer club has invited Swan to a powwow where she plans to meet her blackmail victim.  Dinah tries to head her off, but arrives too late.  A man has been killed and scalped and Swan quickly becomes the prime suspect.  Torn between love for her mother and dismay at her incessant lies, Dinah sets out to find the killer.  She just hopes the killer doesn’t turn out to share her DNA.  

            But Swan isn’t the only liar.  Everyone is lying about something, including Thor and Dinah.  Ghosts of Germany’s terrible history haunt the city and Dinah has a hateful ghost of her own to exorcise.
"...intricately plotted...Matthews makes fine use of Berlin's turbulent history and the enduring German fascination with Indian culture." -- Publishers Weekly

"...a literate page-turner." -- Jane Isenbert, author of WILLA-Award winning The Bones and the Book 

"With more twists and turns than a catacomb, Where the Bones Are Buried makes you sit on the edge of your seat one minute, and laugh out loud the next."

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"With her latest Dinah Pelerin mystery, Jeanne Matthews once again proves that one's family is the best source of both betrayal and hilarity, and that Berlin is still the best backdrop for a murder mystery.  With more twists and turns than a catacomb, Where the Bones Are Buried makes you sit on the edge of your seat one minute, and then laugh out loud the next."

                                         M.L. Malcolm, award-winning author of Heart of Lies